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Basketball is always a real show. The outcome of the match depends on an incredible variety of factors, and hardly anyone can accuse this game of predictability. Basketball prediction is a science, and this article will tell you how to bet on it so you don't lose.


It's no secret that the vast majority of bettors choose from three positions in basketball rosters:

  • Odds;
  • Totals;
  • Handicaps.

Let's break down each market separately and point out what the bettor should consider first.


This market is easier to understand because basketball rosters often have only two variants of outcomes - P1 and P2 taking into account all overtime. Although some bookmakers still accept bets on a regulation time draw. According to statistics since 2015 on average, 6.3% of NBA regular-season games end in a draw in regulation time, so bettor when making a bet should make sure not to confuse the victory of the team in regulation time with the victory in the match.

In basketball, as in tennis, the bettor evaluates the chances of the teams, taking into account their current form, tournament motivation, as well as the location of the match. Betting on a basketball teams' clean winnings in a pre-match game is reasonable when the teams are playing on equal terms, but the bettor has detailed information about the condition of the key players that are not reflected in the odds.

For example, a bettor knows that a key centre has an injury that will certainly affect his performance, which, in turn, reduces his team's chances of winning. The right thing to do is to bet on the opponent before the odds drop.

One more option. In a strong European championship meets a club, which a few days ago had a difficult away match of the Euroleague. The opponent from the national championship is practically equal in level and didn't play a difficult match in the middle of the week. It makes sense to bet on his victory at high odds.

You can bet on net wins as an ordinary flat, allocating each time 5-6% of the current game bank. Since the odds for this position are close to a deuce, you can use soft variants of the add-ons like Oscar Grande and Dalamber, in which the next bet increases by 100% of the previous one or stays the same depending on the win or loss.

Since there are no draws in the slates, bets on wins count in regulation time as well as in overtime, regardless of the number of draws.


Odds on P1 and P2 do not always meet the requirements of bettors. Playing at too small odds is unprofitable from a long term perspective, and betting on the victory of obvious outsiders is too risky. Just for these cases and invented bets with handicaps. This is when the bettor bets on the teams with a positive or negative difference in points, choosing a comfortable handicap value and odds.

If the player bets with a negative handicap, he expects the team to win with a larger difference than the handicap value. A bet with F (-5.5) means the victory of the team with a minimum difference of 6 points. The principle of calculating bets with handicaps remains the same. The difference in the score is added to the handicap value. If you get a number greater than 0, then the bet won, if equal to 0, it is a return. If the values are negative, the deal is considered lost. A similar algorithm for determining the winning is applied to positive handicaps. Only the difference is that the team can concede with a certain difference.


This market is attracted by the size of the odds. As a rule, bookmakers include up to ten players in the spread, five from each team. The minimum odds range from 4-5.

The task of the bettor is to find teams with a scoring centre, on which all partners play. Betting can be a classic long-player. The main thing is to choose moments when the centre is at its peak condition, thus the bettor will increase the chances of passing the bet.

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